There can be something to plucking a lily and put it in your hair. Amy Lowell majestically described this in her poem Grotesque. She turned something very common into something very special.


The poem goes much further than just the moment when someone plucks the lily. These lilies seem to stare at the one who wants to take this flower. Lowell describes this as tongues that seem to be the same as eyes.

Wait, there is more! What about that moment when she seems to strangle these flowers? Is this something of an ending? Or is it, perhaps, the moment when love dies because one of the lovers will no longer be part of this beautiful composition? This composition is beautiful when the flowers of the lilies are attached to the stems.

Food for thought as it comes to this poem written by Amy Lowell. It proves once more that she was a gifted poet.






Why do the lilies goggle their tongues at me

When I pluck them;

And writhe, and twist,

And strangle themselves against my fingers,

So that I can hardly weave the garland

For your hair?

Why do they shriek your name

And spit at me

When I would cluster them?

Must I kill them

To make them lie still,

And send you a wreath of lolling corpses

To turn putrid and soft

On your forehead

While you dance?



Amy Lowell


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A poem that describes the moment when she plucks a lily.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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