In light of the events that took place in The Netherlands last night, I thought it was a good time to share a poem I’ve written in February. About hate.

Last night things escalated in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Without casting a vote or choosing a side, I can only write that these events can make people very sad. The inability to reach any form of compromise, hurtful words and of course a protest that got out of hand. That where the main ingredients of last night.

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is all about spreading poetry across the globe. Looking beyond borders. Finding ways to promote work of creative minds from across the globe and uniting them. Events like these are very difficult, but are a strong reason to write in total freedom. That is why I used a poem I previously published on my own website and social media accounts. About hate. Since we live in a world, where hate seems to be a constant factor. A factor that not only disturbs, but also destroys beautiful ideas.

If you want to share your poetry about freedom of speech or even hate, contact us for more information or use the submission form on our website.



By Harm

With your hate
you destroy
with your lies
you annoy
with your false faith
you deploy
even more hate
even more hate
even wars
and even death,
to settle your scores
When everyone is out of breath,
is there anyone left to hate?
Is there anyone left to love?
Who can you call your mate?
Or your truelove?

I bet you will realise,
when freedom dies
because of hate,
there isn’t anybody left, is that wise?

But when you decide that you know things,
be ready for what time eventually brings
Be ready to be alone,
when you finished throwing your last stone.



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