Let’s take the time to introduce Debanjana Majumber. She wrote the poem Haunted, written on a rainy night when this poetess thought about a relationship, that wasn’t good for her.

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About Debanjana

She calls herself an ordinary girl, who lives in West Bengal (India). She considers writing as her personal way to survive.

“A part of me lives in every poem and prose that I write. Writing has always been a part of my soul. If it were ever taken away from me, I would cease to live and my existence would matter no more.”

Her writings offer her love, peace, kindness and solitude. If you want to follow Debanjana, you can follow her on Instagram.

About Haunted

She gave her poem the title Haunted. When reading this poem, one can only conclude that this is the result of a serious break up. A break up, that left its scars on the poetess – Debanjana. It shows that a relationship that she was in, wasn’t good for her.

“I wrote this poem on a rainy night when I was absorbed in memories of a certain phase of my life which bought along with it a certain kind of nostalgia and pictures of a toxic relationship and the effects it had had on me.”

Debanjana is convinced, that some people aren’t what they seem. Dressed neat, smelling nice, but underneath they are bad news. At moments such as the evening she wrote this poem, she is still struggling and fighting the demons of her past.



And on nights like this I think
of you and our twisted smiles,

Of ways you broke my heart,
and of ways I broke mine.

How you spent hours draining
the poison from my blood,
and pouring it back into your cup,
to dissolve it on another beautiful instance.

Of how I held your hand and helped you,
while spending hours trying to smile,
strangled in the webs of enchanted pseudo love,
making a knot of a garland pain.


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This is a poem written by the Indian poetess Debanjana Majumber (Poetess Unveiled). A poem about a break up.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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