Have you considered Two-Factor Authentication yet?

The tech news is dominated by one developing story: a serious comprise of security of the social media platform Instagram. Since many poets use Instagram to promote their work (we do as well), it is a good moment to point out the importance of Two-Factor Authentication. Have you considered enabling this feature yet?

As the news got out this week, that a flaw in the systems of the social network Instagram made it possible for hackers to get vital contact information, the need for password change is stressed out by many. We are not a tech website, but we do offer assistance and support for poets. Therefore, we have decided to point you to the importance of Two-Factor Authentication.

As you can read in the article from the website of BBC News, hackers obtained e-mail addresses and phone numbers. The article tells the story about accounts of celebrities, that have been compromised. But there is more to this story. As we read on the Dutch news website of the NOS, also people who aren’t celebrities are victim of this hack. This could be you as well. Follow this link to read the translated version (Google Translate) of that article.

As you can read, not only “important” people became victims. The number of followers doesn’t really seem to matter.

What can you do?

There are two solutions and they will take about five minutes to complete.

Account settings

Change your password

We used screenshots from the Windows app on our desktop. These screenshots may vary from the information that you see on your mobile device.

Go to settings, to change your password. You will find this option under Account in the settings part of the app.

You have to enter the old password first. Then you can type in a new password. Remember, this password must be a new password. Even a previously used password is no option. The app should warn you about this. If you are experiencing troubles deciding on a good password, try the tips mentioned on the website of How to Geek.

After you have done this, consider downloading this app for saving your passwords on one central location. For instance, Dropbox or Google Drive. Keepass is an encrypted application, designed to run under many different operating systems.

Account settingsTwo-Factor Authentication

We used screenshots from the Windows app on our desktop. These screenshots may vary from the information that you see on your mobile device.

Enabling this option requires the registration of a phone number. This phone number is never visible to others. Unless you are using a business account and manually add this number to the contact information of your Facebook or Instagram profile.

The options for enabling the Two-Factor Authentication ensure that you are able to use Instagram more safely. You might not have even heard from this option, since it was distributed in 2017.

The Two-Factor Authentication settings can be found under the same account settings where you changed your password.

It basically begins with enabling the option Requite security code. From there on, just follow the steps. If you did not add a phone number before, Instagram will ask for one. This number is used to send the six-digit code to you need to enable this feature. After this is done (it can take up to ten minutes to receive that code send using SMS services), you can see what codes you need. These codes can be used whenever you are logging in from a different device or location. If you are never planning on doing this, enabling this option is still a good thing, because those who try to access your account will have to use these codes. The codes are displayed at the end of the process, making it possible for you to copy them or make a screenshot of these codes. Save them for later use. Make sure, that you remember the location where you saved them. Dropbox, Google Drive or any cloud service is a good option. You can also add them as a note to the details of your account, that you saved in Keepass.

For security reasons, we will not display any screenshots of these steps. The codes of our accounts are to be used by us and no one else.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you will find all the help you need on this website.

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