He is Batman!

He is Batman!

It’s possible to write poems about everything. Including superheroes. The poem written by Batman_FW is a poem that is Semi autobiographical, because this poet works as in law enforcement and wants to stay anonymous.

About the poet

Batman_FW wrote us that he would like to keep anonymous, since he works in law enforcement. He writes because it’s a hobby and he would like to help others. That is why he writes about various subjects.

You can follow this poet on Instagram, where he uses the pen name Batman_FW.

He is Batman!

By Batam_FW

He is Batman!

He only belongs
to the night
Outsiders are
forbidden to
infiltrate his
heart. Only
the cold, aching
darkness is privileged
to know his true identity.
He is Batman!

About the image

For this poet, we decided to change the illustration. He send us an illustration from a unknown source. At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs we can help you with your illustrations too. In this case we used a copyright free image from the website Pixabay.

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