He woke from his dreams

He woke from his dreams

Don’t let the pen name Jake uses, CrazyJake54, fool you. He publishes fine poetry on Instagram. This is his poem He woke from his dreams. A poem inspired by a dream he had.

About the poet

Jake works for Roya Mail for 27 years and his passion was always photography. When he started his Instagram-account he wanted to use his profile as a portfolio for his photographs. At one moment, he saw himself commenting on the works of others, poetry. He decided he wanted to try it and this lead to the realisation of such fine poetry as He woke from his dreams.

On Instagram Jake uses the name CrazyJake54.

About the poem

This “doodle” was born after a long night of strange fearful dreams and waking to find that although the fears of those dreams may not be real, there are enough real worries lying in wait in the day ahead.

We love his modesty, when he refers to his poetry as doodles. We think he shouldn’t be that modest, but it is noble of him. Especially when you take in consideration, that he simply writes good poetry.

He woke from his dreams

By CrazyJake54

He woke from his dreams

He woke from his dreams
Panic setting in
As a brain beset with angst
Full of questions and indecision
Set cogs in motion
Triggering fears and qualms
As the bleakness of the night
Was replaced
With the dark shadowd
Of the new day

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