Hell too has a heaven

Hell has a heaven too

Goutam Parida wrote the poem Hell too has a heaven, to show those who think they cannot fight anymore, that there is a reason to go on.

Gautam Parida on InstagramAbout Goutam

Goutam uses a rather unusual name on Instagram: da_p_o_r_n_poet. In this case, it refers to the poetry he writes. Nothing sexual here, just poetry, straigh from the heart. A heart that has been tormented after a breakup with his girlfriend. Poetry helps him to cope with this breakup and helps him to what he calls get over the addiction of toxic things.

Gautam lives in India and writes poetry almost every day.

About Hell too has a heaven

At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs we are not just here to publish poems. We also give advise to poets, who are struggling with issues when it comes to writing. In the case of Goutam, we gave him some guidance as it comes to grammar. It’s not easy to write in a language that isn’t your native language, we understand. With a tiny push in the right direction, he submitted a new version of his poem Hell too has a heaven.

This poem is written for those who are struggling with important issues in their lives. The struggles might overwhelm them and cause the feeling that going on isn’t possible. The experiences in his own life, made Goutam believe there is always a solution. Always a reason to go on. That is why he wrote this poem.

Hell too has a heaven

By Goutam Parida

Hell has a heaven too



Whenever I ask myself…
Why hell isn’t like heaven? Why is it so painful?
He always laughs af me & sings this delightful poem

“Hell too has a heaven
For them who fight
but not for the craven
Yeah, hell is painful
as it fucks you a lot
Internally it awakens you
and gives little strength
to never give up
Yea, hell too has a heaven
For them who aren’t a freak
So don’t try to blame
whenever you are weak.”



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