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By ineffable_mystique


Isn’t it strange that I never knew?
Never knew about your existence?
Isn’t it awkward to realize we’re here and you don’t even have a clue,
Maybe it was bound to happen, maybe it happened because of your persistence.


There are a lot of maybes, but one thing I know,
You’re just like my dad, I have so much respect, it’s hard to show.
But one thing I can show, I can show how you have impacted me,
You can never say what influences you, but this time I know.


I know who you are, and what you are,
If I came to describing, it would would reach too far.
Least I can say is you’re like a father,
As humble and selfless one should be, or yourself you don’t bother.


Even if I say, I guess it won’t make amy difference,
You’re miles away, and you can’t experience the limerence.
I know you’re not emotional, you’ve made that quite clear,
But maybe what I say, would be too much to bear.


You say the things, my dad says,
Now you say I do the same, I guess our mind has its ways.
Towards everyone else make it convey,
Our duo is so connected, it just slays.


Thank you for being there, it’s so nice to have you,
It’s like in your guidance I have grew.
Now that’s too much to say, but I will do it anyway,
You’re the best human being out there, as if you’re a god who has no sway.

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