His love is King

Love is a wonderful, magical thing. As said many times before, it inspires people to write the most beautiful poems. So did Kim, when she wrote the poem His love is King. There is good news for her fans, since she is writing a book!

KimKim is 37 years old and lives in Zaandam. That is that city in The Netherlands that is famous for the windmills (De Zaanse Schans). She doesn’t live there, but in another part of Zaandam. Together with her husband and two kids.

At the moment Kim is writing her first book. This is a collection of her poems. Those are greatly inspired by love, family and music.

About the poem

The poem doesn’t really need an introducion. Sweet, loving words for her King. A personal poem for the one she loves. More examples of her poems are available at her Instagram profile. She uses the pen name Dandelion_kdh.

His love is King

By Kim

His love is King

His energy so strong and pure
His heart so soft and kind
An offspring of Mother Nature
The most gorgeous you can find

His voice so gentle
Yet so clear
His words
never carefully chosen
But always what I need to hear

His eyes telling me stories
Of love, pain and wisdom
He has the presence of a King
Never bows down for anything
I’m proud that I
May dwell in his Kingdom.

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