His survival

Aziz Cutleriwala is sixteen years old and lives in Ahmedabad (India). He writes because it’s his way to help him through the day. Or as he said to us it makes you feel good rather than cryring everyday.

His survival

About the poet

A person who likes to write, watch and talk about everything that is happening. My age is just 16 but somehow I managed to act like a grown up in this pretentious world. My hobbies include sitting and thinking about when to sleep and what to eat all day and I go to school in my free time. I live in Ahmedabad City of Gujarat and a fond of travelling anywhere.


About the poem

I wrote this poem because sometimes just writing something down on a paper makes you feel good rather than crying everyday and all.


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His survival


By Aziz Cutleriwala


What words were unable to desrcibe

Tears said that

The poem that his heart wrote,

His eyes read that!

He was not any lightened flame,

He just was an extinguished fire

He was his patience when he lost all,

And the happiness that became a desire

A smiling face was just all he had,

And a warm heart all he can give!

Words were both,his friends and enemy,

Tough was to bear and tougher was to live

No one heard his screams

And he was ignored like a tree!

He tried his best to survive though

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