A poem (protest poem) about not realising that history is important.

There is so much to learn from history. Unfortunately, it seems that we don’t learn from history. This is a poem that wants to show, that ignoring history isn’t a good thing.

About the poem

Almost everyone has followed a history course at some moment in their lives. Unfortunately, we only seem to remember theĀ good things, not the bad things. Forgetting the facts about acts of insanity, descruction and the lack of freedom leads to a world, where racism thrives, where equality is not for everyone to enjoy. This poem is a protest to those situations.

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It is a mystery
that we forget about history
Forget the basics about equality
and dignity

It is a mystery
how we needy
forget not to vote absurdity
and those who aggressively
want to get rid of democracy

It is a mystery
Why we sadly
think we are blotchy
can go on – ignoring history

Such a tragedy

Harm Jagerman

About the photo

The photo shows the concentration camp Auschwitz. During the Second World War, this was one of the largest camps and over the years, it has become a symbol reminding us about the holocaust and the prosecution of “enemies” of the Third Reich. One has to consider, that not only Jews were prosecuted and killed. Communists, socialists, gay people, scientists, artists, gypsies… they were all considered to be useless.

During our history, there were many examples of prosecution. The coldness of the period between the thirties and fourties of the previous century is unthinkable. However, we live in a world, where freedom is not general.

Isn’t it time, that we do learn from history?

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