The term Histrionics refers to a personality disorder. It’s all about excessive attention-seeking emotions. This inspired Aditya Rao to write a poem about the balance between society and privacy.

About Aditya

Aditya is about to release his book Leave your mark as he announced on his Instagram profile. He published books before, that are available on Amazon.

Aditya uses Instagram and Facebook to share his poetry and information about his books.

About the poem

When we asked Aditya about the poem, he gave the following explanation about the words he wrote:

My idea behind it basically was how we balance society and privacy as humans.

A job well done. We can’t wait for the book to be published.


By Aditya Rao



If life’s a stage or dream within a dream,
Then merrily and gently down the stream
Of conciousness goes human team, which friends
Things and their settings seldom as they seem.

Someone tell me this: what is one to down
When their reality is torn in two
Half-truths set free to bind moderate minds
Too radical to deem them fair as you?

Of malleable mold mask must be to match
Each moment’s mood, deadeye Jedi to catch
Sight of chimeras that vulture ’round
And kill your culture with bearly a scratch.
Disguised ‘neath little white lies, one tries
So hard to sell selves out, and justifies
This as an exercise in fitness sound,
Though crocodilian become their cries.

In others’ eyes when skies’ blue moon turn tides
In their favor, as they march through the ides
Of imagination and make-believe,
Till real-time truth trumps tall tales on all sides.

If life’s but a problem to solve, or game
Or losing race to absolve my name,
Then I’ll draw any ace that’s up my sleeve
And unshake myself from pride and shame.

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