The poem Hope is written and illustrated by the poetess Heartsy Tales. A poem about the small hope that keeps one going.

About the poem

In dire situations, its the small hope that keeps you going and keeps you believing that things will get better. Many times we try to extinguish that flame of hope , instead of invigorating it. Dont destroy the one last thing that keeps you going , it is more essential and stronger than you think. That little hope is the key that is going to help you get out of this mess.

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By Heartsy Tales


That little fire in you, though weak is still burning,
The glimmer of hope that keeps you going
Just like how the stars though enormous appear tiny on earth,
That little hope in you is stronger than you think, not in death
Its the guiding light in this mysterious galaxy
Have trust in that fire, it will lead you right ultimately.


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