Writing about ones feelings can be difficult. Sometimes the poet wishes to maintain a certain amount of anonymity. We respect this choice. That is why we will publish the poem written by You’d Rather Not Know / The Boy who wrote without much personal information.

About the poem

I wrote this after I was at a really dark place in my life. I was all alone and had no one to talk to. I wanted to empathise this experience from a girl’s perspective. And to ensure that if anyone is in that place, they know they aren’t alone.

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By You’d Rather Not Know


Is all my life come to?
Waiting for my saviour,
My knight in shining armour,
Do not test my patience,
For I am already broken,
I’ve hurt myself immensely,
By all the truths I have spoken,
They left me isolated,
Away from this cruel world,
Thus, I am a prisoner to my own mind,
Which makes me recall the trail of
destruction I have left behind.
They haunt me day and night,
I’ve tried my best to fight,
It is futile, for I am now tired,
I return to my cell, forever there I’ve retired,
The only peace I have is when I think of hope,
That a day will come when I shall be rescued,
A knight will save me from my greatest fears,
He shall wipe away all the tears,
For now, I wait, I rest,
All I can do is hope, at best.

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