How can I come out?

How can I come out?

We received a poem by someone who wants to remain anonymous. Our mission is to spread the words of poetry across the globe, even when it’s difficult for the poets to express their words in freedom. This poem is about the struggle with sexuality and having difficulty explaining to loved ones and friends about this.

About the poet

Since there is not much to write about when it comes down to the biography of the author, we will just leave it as it is.

About the poem

The poet wrote this about the poem:

I’m having a hard time coming out to my family and friends. I fear the moment when I have to tell them about me being gay. I postponed this moment for such a long time now.

The poem

How can I come out?

How can I come out?

By anonymous


Starting from the beginning
My words are not clear
Dry mouth, fear
No guts for a starting
Who’s there to hear?
Heaven and hell gather for dancing
Who will lend me an ear?



Can I start at the ending?
The words I so fear
To begin with my mending
or start with a tear?
No guts, no glory, t’rembling
But will I be able to bear
to talk to walls, that aren’t answering?

Your thoughts

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