How'd you feel?

The message of the poem How’d you feel? is all about the unwanted rule for many of us, to have someone in their lives. The poetess Elephant OjO submitted her poem using Instagram Direct. You can do that to! We will be more than happy to promote your work.

About the poet

A poetess, lost in the wild back to the town with tales of love, life and the universe.
I try to write poetries that most people can relate to and try to keep them simple.

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About the poem

The poem is about,
How a person thinks, his life is dependent on others’ actions but in reality, it’s all about how you feel and think in your mind.
You don’t need to have someone in your life. You are always alone in your mind, there you never needed someone.

The moral message could be: Like the journey of life in your mind is always set alone. Same way, the journey of life in this world is also to be set alone and somebody’s presence or absence will not stop the life.
No time can cease the life, it’s all in your mind.So, Keep your thoughts happy, motivated and liberated. Keep your mind honest and happy.

How’d you feel?

By Elephant OjO

Ever wondered how,
How do you in your mind
are all alone, doing things,
all by yourself?
Living there all alone.
Visiting the parallel halves,
both at a time.
Sipping both,
whiskey and wine.
In your mind, the celebrity,
is a dreamer in reality.

How do you feel?
In the mind of your own.

How’d you feel
All alone.

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