Poet_Lessa, is what she calls herself on Instagram. She wrote the poem Hypocrisy. A poem about her activities with young children.

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About Lessa

Lessa is a 22 year-old medical student from Malaysia. She writes because she finds it helpful to discover and soothe her soul. This is complementary to the life of science.

About Hypocrisy

Recently, Lessa joined a program to help young children of the Rohingya people. They live in the Rakhine State in Myanmar. Many of them fled their country, including young children.

I just couldn’t understand why this happened.

According to Lessa, the UN and a lot of NGOS are stressing the urge to respect human rights. However, Lessa saw that these cries for help are often ignored. This just doesn’t happen to the Rohingya people, but also in other countries. Take for instance the conflict in Syria. The lack of respect for human rights is what Lessa calls the most saddest thing.

I know injustice is everywhere but the saddest thing is HYPOCRISY.

We can only agree and promote this poem of Lessa.



Human, the greatest being is at war,
here and there.
Human who fights about “The Human Rights” end
up snatching the rights from others
Their rights to play, to love and live according to their own
And human, here and there, closed their eyes
cover their ears, shut their voices
Turn their heads away,
from those, who their rights have been taken


The photo that combines this image is taken from the website Wikimedia Commons and is taken by Firdaus Latif. Original caption:

Hashimiah Orphans Madrasah at Pasar borong Selayang. Pic Firdaus Latif

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