I am solitude


We received a beautiful poem written by April. I am solutide is a promise for a relationship. Strong words make a strong poem.

If you want to follow April, you can find her profile on Instagram or Facebook. April, please don’t stop writing such strong poems! You are doing a splendid job!

I am solitude

I am solitude

By April

I lay latent,
in the minds of melancholic souls.
the more you’ll try to catch me,
the more I’ll run.

But beware!
‘cause once I am bonded to you, I won’t leave.
The more you’ll want me to leave,
the more I’ll atract you.

I’ll make the bitter silent, taste deliciously sweet!

I’ll take you to Utopia,
and euphoric you’ll feel.
I’ll let you recollect memories,
you wished you never made.

You’ll be satiated by my touch,
excrutiating at times.

I’ll grant you allegiance when you need.
And no one else could replace me,
I know.

Eternal I am,
unparallel I am,
don’t fear me,
I won’t harm.
For I am solitude.
I won’t leave.

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