I love buying

The poem you are about to read, I love buying, was originally written to be entered in a poetryslam by Shama (pen name Just Little Red). The poetess in this case targets herself and her way to give love and expecting nothing in return.

Shama on InstagramAbout Shama

Even though she uses the name Just Little Red, it isn’t fair to assume her poetry is little or maybe less. No, ladies and gentlemen: this is another interesting poet, worthwhile to follow on Instagram. This is Shama, writing about herself and expressing her deepest feelings or interpret her thoughts. When we asked about her work and what it means to her, she told us that

Writing makes Me

Isn’t that a beautiful answer to give? This is a poetess who speaks out about her work and determines that what she writes defines her.

Shama has been writing for quite some time. She was only twelve years old, when she wrote her first short story. She then started writing poetry. Nowadays she is writing more constant. This lead to a colourful series on her Instagram profile.

About I love buying

Let’s hear it from Shama herself. What is this poem about?

That poem was written as an entry for a poetryslam. But the reason behind that particular theme was based on myself. And the selfless yet foolish attitude of mine. Not just me, but so many others who give love and time while expecting nothing in return. That is what the poem is about.

I wrote the poem for such people to be heard of. And for the reason that the world needs more of such people.

The poetess take a bold step. She merely explains that what might inhibit her. The unconditional giving of love without asking for anything. A nice gesture, but thanks to the wrong people, this can sometimes backfire. 

The poem consists of one stanza and even without the abscence of a meter, there is a natural flow to this poem. A poem perfect for reading out loud and using the words to stop this from happening again. Poems like these, sparkle up the day and make it easy to want to live by these rules.

I love buying

By Just Little Red

I love buying

I love buying kindness for those who least deserve
it, patience for those who don’t believe in waiting
and time for those who don’t have enough to spare
All of it for free.

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