I see through you

A poem in two parts; I see through you. This poem, written by Saba Nehal, is about the problem, when people grow out of relationships.

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About Saba

Saba is a nineteen year old poet from India. This English Literature student calls herself a dreamer, learner and believer.

I write because I have always been fascinated with words. Sometimes I write to get a thought out of my head or simply to share random thoughts with the world.

Saba publishes her work on Instagram.

She was actually quite scared to start publishing her work. She first started with a blog and managed to overcome her fear. A brave step and one we can only support. The positive reactions on her work, allow her to write. This she has been doing since May 2016.

About I see through you

This is what Saba has to say about her poem:

The poem is titled “I see through you”. It talks about growing out of relationships and how exhausting it can be to be able to see right through a person’s actions.

On another level I attempted to reflect on the fact that life is not only what we see in books and movies. There are definitely magical moments but the times when things don’t work out are equally important. It’s sometimes no one’s fault, people growing out of friendship and love doesn’t always need to be ugly. It can be a normal circumstance of life.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a poetess who brings forward a message.

I see through you

By Saba Nehal


I thought I knew you some years ago
this wasn’t how you’d always been. 
We were young, in love
and trying to live wild. 
Oh we wanted the world at seventeen!

I’ve grown since I met you first
for once I can clearly see
what it takes for us to hold on
and how much you once had meant to me. 
Sometimes I can see why 
you do the things you do. 
And it doesn’t even hurt me now 
that everything’s always for you. 
You put yourself first
and that’s a darn good thing. 
It took me some time to learn
I was the last of those things. 


Sometimes I’m just baffled
I thought you were the one for me 
I was too naive to realise
we were never meant to be. 

You see I was in love
with love that’s pure and true
and though I did love fiercely 
I wasn’t in love with you.
Maybe I’m the one to blame
or the normalcy of life is. 
I guess you know we can’t go on
fooling ourselves like this. 

Forgive me
but I see through you
and I don’t like what I see…

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