I slept…

I slept

This morning I woke up early. Earlier than the day before. It seems like every day I wake up even earlier. This inspired me to write a poem about this. This poem was published earlier on my own website.

Inspiration to write poetry is based on many things. Love, sadness or even sleep. Or in my case, the lack of sleep. Luckily it is Friday.

I slept…

I slept...

By Harm

I slept till I was not tired anymore
woke up earlier than the day before
When will the day arrive, that I cannot sleep anymore?
This day is likely to get closer and closer,  by waking up earlier than before
Seven became six
Six became five
Five became four
My mind is playing tricks
or have I slept too much, should I stay alive?
Maybe there is some greater plan for me to explore?
If so, then I would like to see the outline
and tell if I think it is fine
And if not, there is only one thing I need
Sleeping so unworried
till the break of dawn,
when the night is finally gone
Curse that night
sleep is the only thing to fight
during the day,
when I woke up before sunlight
when morning was till faraway

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