I Still Believe

I Still Believe
Music can be the inspiration you need, to write a poem. Zac Brown used the words of Eminem (EMINƎM) to compose the poem "I Still Believe." Not just that, because he used fifty songs made by this American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor.

Music can be the inspiration you need, to write a poem. Zac Brown used the words of Eminem (EMINƎM) to compose the poem I Still Believe. Not just that, because he used fifty songs made by this American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor.

Eminem at 2017 EMAs
Eminem at the MTV EMAs in 2017 (London).
Wikimedia Commons.

About I Still Believe

Fifty songs, that is quite the list! In this poem, Zac takes the time to share how much music means to him. Music is there for him and gives him an answer to various emotions. Especially when it comes to the words of Eminem.

“He reminds me that it’s okay to feel and think and speak your mind.”

Zac gets his energy from these words and this is an answer to the question if he should ever give up. To give up, it’s never an option. He sees that his idol also dealt with struggles when it comes to creativity.

“I was inspired to write this because Eminem seems to be struggling with retiring or remaining an MC. He’ll always be an MC, an amazing writer and all that… it doesn’t just disappear, his legacy is stronger than he realizes.”

Every direction

This poem shows that Zac is able to “go” (write) in every direction. We have published his work before on our website and this one shows that he is a gifted, creative mind.


I Still Believe

I Still Believe

You Arose in your Castle made of Stan,
Untouchable? No, you’re Beautiful,
A Cinderella Man, not a Criminal.

A Music Box playing The Way I Am,
Is all I hear when I hear Revival,
Revival? Why? you’re alive n’ whole!

Be a Role Model, don’t Crack a Bottle,
Walk on Water like The Monster,
We Mosh with Like Toy Soldiers.

What You Say Marshall Mathers,
Is not just Never Enough, trust,
Because I’m Stronger Than I Was.

Thanks to The Real Slim Shady,
I know what it means to have,
A Legacy and people who Need Me.

He taught me singin’ his strong words,
In his songs My Mom, When I’m Gone,
Not Afraid and yes, Mockingbird.

You were Framed, you’re not Insane,
You’re an Untitled Superman, sane,
Frozen in a picture of Beautiful Pain.

Who Knew he’d still be teaching me,
And as the Cold Wind Blows he knows,
He’s reaching those like me with his LP.

It’s safe to say there’s no need to keep,
“Cleanin’ Out My Closet” its spotless,
Just like yours, you can’t Just Lose It.

Keep writing ‪Eminem, like those Skits,
Its what keeps me from the Drug Ballad,
The Guilty Conscience n’ the throat Drips.

I love writing, just like you, So Bad,
And if you don’t, I Love The Way You Lie,
This is 25 To Life like Bagpipes From Baghdad.

Lose Yourself in the music again,
Just you, not them or Desperation and,
Without Me or any Rhyme of Reason

Either way, I love your new album,
No matter Curtains Up or Curtains Down,
I’ll be certain to Spend Some Time around,
Listenin’ to it and writin’ Underground,
Cause’ you Remind Me to remain Space Bound,
Shooting for the stars, counting my scars,
Never feeling alone in it cause as we sing,
We Sing For The Moment, simply quotin’,
“We consider these minutes golden.”

I still believe.

Zac Brown

I Still Believe
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I Still Believe
A poem inspired by the work of Eminem
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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