If Only

It can be very difficult to see someone you are very close to struggling to get the attention of someone they really love. Instead, they aren’t heard and have to realize that they will not receive the love they would expect. This is a poem that Natasha Grabau wrote for a friend of her.

About this poem

It’s a topic that every now and then returns to our website. The opposite side of love. This dark place where someone can be or where someone feels they are in the main subject of the poem “If Only.”
This friend of Natasha had to see that her love wasn’t answered. Instead, he chooses a different girl. Not that she completely got ignored. No, she was what we call in the friend zone. This isn’t a bad place when you decide you just want to remain friends. What if you feel more than a friendship and what if this cry for love isn’t answered? This leaves you awake at night and debating why you lost this battle.
There is always this if. What if things could be changed or what about that moment when you should have spoken, but you couldn’t? The day you finally woke up from that dream and realized that it was just a dream. This is what this poem brings forward.


If Only


If Only

If only one day
You’d turn back and say
It was me all along
The missing part of the songIf only one day
You’d wake up in May
And wonder what you miss
To realize it’s thisThis, you and me
A possibility but a dream
A reality, unachievable
A fantasy, almost believableIf only you’d see
What together we could be
Together, forever
To part but never
Natasha Grabau

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If Only
Article Name
If Only
She sees her friend not being chosen by the one she loves.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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