The poem Ignore is written by Harm Jagerman. It tells how this poet was able to let go of those who hurt him and how he moved on.

The poem Ignore is written by Harm Jagerman. It tells how this poet was able to let go of those who hurt him and how he moved on.

“There isn’t much to say about this poem, when I leave out all the personal details”

Harm feels that he should show some respect, by not telling exactly for who he wrote this poem.

The poem is very personal, but it is relatable for those who fought battles with others. Relationships that ended, new ones that were found. That is what this poem is about.

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“There is also the second chapter when it comes to this poem. In 2014, I experienced a severe burn-out. I decided to end my full-time job. From that moment, I took care of my two children and was self-employed. Nowadays, I am a writer and photographer. But, in the first place, I am a father. The reactions I get from so many people vary. Some of them consider this to be something special, while others don’t believe that a man should stay home and take care of the kids. Stupid of course. I learned to ignore those people and let go of their senseless emotions.”


Because Harm is a self-employed househusband or family father (/ man), he was interviewed by the Dutch news. This was because the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Adern, decided to go back to work maternity leave. The full-time care will be the responsibility of her husband. The interview with Harm (and his children) is available on the website of RTL Nieuws (Editie NL) (in Dutch) (check the Google Translate version of this article).



I tried to fight clouds
Even windmills like that Spanish don
With every fight, I didn’t strike those doubts
I searched for gardens, just like in Babylon
There weren’t any to be found
Then I realised, fighting battles are useless
I am not Atlas
Not fit to carry all the weight of the world on my shoulders
just to please only accusers
For them, you can’t do anything right
Every battle is just a lost fight
So, I stepped away
Moved on, towards a new day
Let them be with all their judgement
and failure to understand
Only those who really respect know
about the way I was able to grow
And now I can’t care less
about all those haters, with their petty little mess
I am not out to please them, no more
I just chose to ignore.

Harm Jagerman

Article Name
A poem about letting go of those, who cause only sadness.
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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