I’ll meet you in the forest

I'll meet you in the forest

Love is a wonderful thing. Especially when reading the poem sent in by Kat (PoetrybyKitKat). She was so kind to send us one of her beautiful poems.

About the poet

Kat lives in Cotswolds (UK) and has been writing sporadically for years. At one moment she decided to write poetry and she explained that she was addicted to this form of writing. A big step to write was the usage of Instagram. Of course you can find her profile on this social media platform: @poetrybykitkat.

And now I can’t stop. It seems to take over my thoughts daily and nightly!

Good for us, that she shares her beautiful poetry with the rest of the world. That is why we are more than happy to promote her work! This work is the result of her personal experiences and pure fantasy. She also has the ability to write as she was in someone else’s shoes. That last part is quite intriguing, we think!

I hope others can connect with my poetry.

Well, we can Kat! Keep up your fine work, we love reading it! You should definitely check out her Instagram page.


I’ll meet you in the forest

I'll meet you in the forest


By Kat
I’ll meet you in the forest
Where enchantment begins to creep
Blanketing the real world
Creating beauty for us to keep.


I’ll meet you under the arch
Where hundreds of kisses were born
From secret lovers past and present
Eager to cherish and adorn-


Each other with innocent desires
Passion and lust kept at bay
Holding each other so tenderly
Until dusk drowns out the day.


Your poem?

If you want us to promote your work as a poet just like we did for Kat, then contact us for more information.

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