I’m a mess

I'm a mess

Shreya is from India and she writes beautiful poetry under the name SB.Poetry. Like many other poets, she can be found on the social media platform Instagram. She asked us if we would be so kind to promote her work. This we gladly do!


About the poet

Shreya started writing when she was eleven years old. For a long time, she didn’t felt comfortable to share her poetry with the rest of the world.

I was too shy to bring it in front of the world! But now I’ve taken the plunge!

Well, it is a brave decision to make! We can only support this! We do this by promoting the work of SB.Poetry!

Most of what I write is about love and people being beautiful in their complexes.

I’m a mess

I'm a mess

By SB.Poetry

I’m a self declared mess.
My edges have a sharpness.
I’m soft enough to make you moan.
I’m strong enough to make you groan.
I’m an ocean, I’m the sky.
I can dive, I can fly.
I’m self contained
and limitless


I told you,
I’m a mess


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