I'm alright… right??

I'm alright... right??

An interesting title: I’m alright… right?? A poem written by Ananthu Satheesh. This is a poem where the poet asks himself if he is fine, once seperated from his love.

Ananthu on InstagramAbout Ananthu

Ananthu is eighteen years old and lives in Kerala, in the south of India. He started writing at an early age, because this gave him freedom to express himself.

I could write down whatever it was that I had to speak out loud to the world and I’d never get offended. Thats the freedom poetry gave me and thats what I love the most about it.

I write to stay sane!!! At moments of extreme happiness or anger or depression, poetry is my medicine.

Ananthu publishes his work under the pen name Ans.Poetry on Instagram.

About this poem

The poem is about what Ananthu calls a seperation in love. This is followed by a period of uncertainty. There is no way to make contact during this period. The hope remains, that the two of them will be reunited at one point in time. However, as time passes, the doubts arise and this can cause heavy emotions.

It makes one question themself if they are alright. The person doesn’t feel excited to be entering into a new phase of his/her life (college in my case). They feel empty, total depression, anger and pain. They feel so hurt they get to a point where they cant feel anything anymore; NUMB!!!!Thats what the poems about: seperation in love.

Ananthu has experienced this feeling too. At one time, he decided to pen down his feelings and the result, you can read below.

I'm alright... right??

I’m alright.. right??

Is it just really sad or do I just feel so?
That we don’t even get to say goodbye?
Or is it an omen indicating that we are gonna see
each other again?
Or will we ever not?
We are left with only questions
Tomorrow is a doubt
And we don’t know if we’ll ever meet again
Nothing is certain… get it?
And we are still smiling though
trough such suffocation
And for the first time,
I don’t feel excuted to be starting a new phase of
Is that normal?
I’m alright… right?

Ananthu Satheesh / Ans.Poetry

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