Iman Hamid and her snow globe

Iman Hamid and her snow globe

The poem we are promoting is written by the English-Kurdish poetess Iman Hamid and not by anyone else. Don’t let you get fooled by imitators of her beautiful words.


It goes without saying, that we at The Ministry of Poetic Affairs are huge fans of the work of Iman Hamid. This lawyer and poetess writes beautiful words. In this case, her thoughts lead to a poem that many parents are able to relate to.

Iman publishes her work on Instagram. She uses the pen name Praying Hand. As her work is very popular, many try to use her words as their own. She calls it “stealing from my imagination.” We think it’s more like stealing because of a lack of imagination.


Iman Hamid and her snow globe

It was 3pm, kids came back from school
and they started running around us.
They were happy to see us together again,
happy to see us sitting on the bench and
staying silent all along.
They ran around us until they broke our home.

Tell me, weren’t we beautiful together in that
snow globe!

Iman Hamid


Read carefully

But, there is a sad note to this poem. When you read the poem carefully. Yes, many parents can relate to kids coming home from school. Filled with excitement, stories and wanting to play. But Iman tells us about how it was, in that snow globe. Together at a certain point in time. Things could easily change. That is also something parents can relate to. Those are the moments, you long for the snow globe; the world as a perfect picture.

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