In Edfu

In Edfu

In Edfu was inspired by my trip to Egypt. Edfu is one of the many places to visit when in Egypt. Architecture with a lot of history. This city on the westbank of the river Nile is where the temple for Horus is located.

Travelling, a source of inspiration for me. This temple was not any different as it comes to inspiring me. The temple was built between 237 BC and 57 BC. There aren’t that many temples for the god Horus in Egypt, that are in such a good condition.

Yes, I have to admit, I was feeling like Indiana Jones, when visiting this temple. As my tour guide was telling the story about this temple, I wondered off a bit and started making photos. Just to have proof for myself that I really did visit this magical, beautifual place.

Have you ever been inspired by ancient architecture?

In Edfu

By Harm

In Edfu

Visiting the place where they worshiped ancient gods
Stone gods made into statues so high
as if they should reach for the sky
Weighing their odds
about a rising river
that one that would fall
and how the land would deliver
grain without any rainfall

As I walked between the results of fine workmanship
touching them as if they were precious diamonds
Just like Indiana Jones,
without a whip

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