In praise of the fall

In praise of the fall
Take a moment, to think about autum (fall). This is the moment, to see a changing landscape. Are you inspired by this season? This is "In praise of the fall."

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

As Albert Camus revels in the beauty of autumn in this quote, we cannot help but be mesmerized by this absolutely fascinating period of time that the fall is. This season has inspired poets, storytellers, artists and other creative connoisseurs alike. Besides, the pleasant aura this season exudes is hard to miss. Hence, I decided to shed some light on what the season actually is, what it represents and what makes it so special.


The season

One of the four temperate seasons, autumn marks the transition from the hot summer to ice cold winter. As days get shorter and nights get longer, autumn swiftly makes way for the chill to settle in.

The metaphor

Autumn or Fall is more of a feeling as compared to the season itself, thanks to literary minds. With phrases like ‘autumn years’ or ‘turning over a new leaf’, it is representative of ushering in the new and getting over the old. As leaves shed, all dry and fiery red,  spilling across the canvas of the earth and overripe fruits are on the verge of death, it is the quintessential metaphor of leaving behind all that weighs you down and forging ahead.

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The boon of harvest and festivals

Autumn is the season of harvest all over the world. Celebrated across the globe, it is indeed a harbinger of food and hence prosperity in abundance.While in the United States and parts of Europe, festivals like Thanksgiving and Halloween are a part of these celebrations; the East has its own versions of celebrating this fruitful occasion. In India, the festival of Makar Sankranti ( or The Kite Festival as it is called ) is celebrated by flying colourful paper kites and eating and sharing various delicacies, primarily the ones made of sesame and jaggery whilst enjoying with friends and family.

A poet’s paradise

In addition to being venerated for its gifts, this season is known for its stupendous visuals. One cannot help but get enraptured by this beauty and pen a verse or two on this scenery unfolding right in front of their eyes. Besides being visually satisfying, this season evokes bittersweet emotions of love, longing, melancholy and absolute bliss and hence is rightly a poet’s paradise.

Emily Dickinson’s ‘The Name of it is Autumn’ vividly captures the scenic extravaganza that fall blesses us with. In her very opening lines, she sets the tone of her experience with this beautiful season.

” The name — of it — is “Autumn” —
The hue — of it — is Blood —
An Artery — upon the Hill —
A Vein — along the Road –“

With the onset, a huge variety of healthy fruits and foods flood the market. Apples, pumpkins, figs and pears for instance, are loaded with antioxidants and are incredible to taste. Just as the season, the food itself is extremely appetizing to the palate and the eyes.

Coming to the cuisine, autumn is all the rage about fruity puddings, crumbly cakes and mouthwatering spicy delicacies. Also, since this season induces a dryness into the atmosphere, it is an incredible opportunity to prepare and stack up canned, dried or pickled foods in anticipation of the harsh weather ahead.

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The best season

With a season that has so much to offer not just physically but in a literary way as well, I think it would be an understatement to say that fall is the best of all seasons.

In praise of the fall
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In praise of the fall
Take a moment, to think about autum (fall). This is the moment, to see a changing landscape. Are you inspired by this season? This is "In praise of the fall."
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