In search of her

It’s always interesting to see people’s views on what someone might think the opposite sex might experience. The poem written by Shreya Surana is such a poem. It reflects the search of him to find is perfect feminine partner.

Sheraya on InstagramAbout the poet

On Instagram she uses the pen name Shreya Writes. She writes because she likes to play with words.

About the poem

To search for the perfect partner. This is what the poem is about. A poem written in one stanza, with catchy phrases. This is a poem about expectations and the longing. A perfectly written poem, by an amateur poetess.


In search of her

By Shreya Surana

In search of her

I wish I could have a partner
who’s hands
dipped in ink
Slaying my pain with her pen
poetry in her vein
Colour of her blood being blue
defining a view in a haiku
bleeding her pen
crying for someone else’s deeds
Her wounds giving
rise to a new verse
For her life being a mystery
deciphering by her words
she is creates another history.

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