In-Search-Of Resistance

A poem written by the American poetess Keira Ora: "In-Search-Of Resistance"

The poetess Keira Aro submitted her poem using Skype. This is the poem In-Search-Of Resistance.

About Keira

I’m a thrity-eight year old woman, living in the United States. Writing and reading poetry has always been a staple in my life.
I’ve recently retired to pursue my writing career full-time. Now to turn the dream from a goal into reality.

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In-Search-Of Resistance

By Keira Aro

In-Search-Of Resistance

I must profess…

My thunderkiss of eloquence as I pirouette through your forested heart strings
Threading silent footfalls between ruminant embers where infernos are no longer burning

A home from a wasteland inheritance
Love’s putrescent decadence amidst atmospheric crashings of echoed sentience
And I, to suffer the haphazard absence of the audient’s presence

Akin to residency in hermetic ornaments

Never dawned that the map to your heart would rest upon it
And now I’m in search of your smallest island
This pursuant safety gliding on the glass above your iris, struggling to find the door that leads inside to what’s private

Will you grant my access to your toxic climate?
I wait, drowning in sorrow’s ashen rains, and I find it difficult to remain, this vacant house is the only one I desire to reside in…
And it’ll never change…

No matter how many times, in silence, I’m turned away.

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