Infinite energy

Infinite energy

The pen name Cosmikchik is used by Melissa Bayer for writing poetry. She wrote a poem for Eath Day that we would like to share with you.

About the poet

Melissa lives in Australia and is a sculptor and mould maker. She also writes poems, she publishes these on Instagram.

I truely just write whatever comes to me or touches me – to get it out! It’s a endless tide I release on paper, for peace-
it’s freeing and my sanity for sure, and I only write at night as I think the moon governs me.

The poem is about the feelings of being at one with the universe through meditation and the strength that comes from it.


Infinite energy

By Cosmikchik

Infinite energy
Night with her rivers of stars.
I hear them in the forest of my mind.
Their light so seperate and distinct.
Like sand grains on a beach.
Vibrating answers
feeding the earth beneath me.
So I sit open –
As the magic invigorates the planet.
My spirit pours from me.
I feel as one now –
We are the strongest

when we burn
the sand

to glass.

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