Anastacia Dahl wrote the poem called Insanity. Let’s introduce this poetess, who currently lives in Tanzania.

Anastacia on Instagram
Anastacia on Instagram: Wavesofbluee

About Anastacia

Anastacia is half Danish and half Pakistani. She has spent most of her sixteen-year-old life moving between continents and currently she lives in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Here she attends the International School of Tanganyika.

Together with her family, she has travelled a lot and learned that home has many definitions. She believes that the Third World Countries enrich one’s mind and soul. The country she lives in now, she likes very much.

Anastacia is interested in art and (of course) writing. With her writing, she hopes she can reach out to those who need it and dig deep into the mind of others. Understanding things that define a person. That is what she finds important.

There was always a need for her to write, so that she could express her feelings. This lead to writing poetry and reading work of others. This is what she calls her “escape from the external world.”

“It allows me to make sense of what is inside me and to think that other people are possibly feeling the same way as me. This gives me the longing to spread my poetry and make someone feel like they are not alone. At the end of the day, that is what most people want. To feel understood and feel like they are not alone.”

Beautifully defined by Anastacia, we think! If you want to read more of her work, then follow Anastacia on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Wavesofbluee.



By Anastacia Dahl

We taught each other what it feels
like to lie completely still on a table
having our chests cut open
and our hearts fixed
only to discover that no fixing can
be done
so without being stitched up again
we are still left lying in utter shock
as to what happened
wondering why we tried to fix two
perfectly pure organs that did
nothing wrong
but held us together when it was in fact
our minds that were losing

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