Luiz Syphre’s words in an e-mail are like a fountain of creativity. His poem Insomnia is a strong poem about the wish to get some sleep.


Luiz writes poetry about various subjects. Recently we published the poem Columbian Mistress. This time it’s all about the wish to be relieved. A poem about the God of sleep.

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By Luiz Syphre

God of sleep,

Three days and I’ve not received your touch.
Tortured and plagued by monsters in the night….
I pray to you:

Please God,
Take me to your domain!
Embrace me and hold me in your bosom.
Take away these thoughts and perversions of life,
as life is hell – this we already live it.

God of sleep,
Carry me to your beautiful shores!
You are the only salvation from life without death,
yet this temporary death I beg for!
For you Oh God, I will take pills and drugs,
For you Oh God, I will risk forever in your domain,
but please cometh!

Let not the darkness fall once more without your kiss!

Merciful and loving God,
I see your chariot in the distance,
Closer yet, I feel your smile upon me….
My head falls into your abyss….
spinning again…until the last time.

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