Inspiration to write

Inspiration to write

Poetry is, like any other writing, strongly dependable on what the inspiration to write is. Unlike the articles on this website, poetry is based on emotions. Call this, inspiration to write. In this article, we will dive deeper into this inspiration sources.

Inspiration, everywhere

Yes, it is true and a cliché. Inspiration to write comes from everywhere. But, be careful when writing a poem. The source of inspiration may be just a small detail of something bigger or may fade away, when time passes.

News items

Writing about news items is a great idea. Instead of focusing on the mainstream news items that dominate the news, write about general things instead. Instead of focusing on details, write freely about the things that these news items are a part of. Take for instance a thunderstorm. The memory of a raging thunderstorm is vivid for those who witnessed this storm. But is it for someone on the other side of the world? Is it still vivid, when reading this poem after a year? Sure, writing about thunderstorms is a good subject, but generalize it.


There are many parents, including me, who write about their children. Instead of giving the details of a play date from my daughter with one of her class mates, I choose to write about the general things that many parents can relate to. Even when you’re not a parent, I write my poems about my children so that everyone can relate to this.


Next to love, nature is probably the most used source of inspiration to write about. Again, those thunderstorms… Or maybe it’s the falling of the first snow. Nature is wonderful, nature is beautiful. So why not write about these wonders of nature? Many poets did and you are not a lesser poet, if you decide to write about nature.


Love, love, love! There are many poems about love. Not always the nicest ones to read, when it comes to poetry about breakups. Still, a good way to clear the mind. One must be careful when writing about a nasty breakup. If you really hate your ex, you might step over the line. Remember to be the better person, you are. Politeness isn’t shown to you, perhaps, but show that you stand above accusations, arguments and any other part of this nasty breakup.

But, when you are in love – madly in love – you want to write about this. You want the world to know, what your feelings are. Maybe it is a great way to say it with poetry. Some words you cannot express fully, to say to the other one about this love.


A general subject. Life. There are many aspects to write about. Your school work, your career, your ideal life. Remember, that you are the one who knows much about these things; you have experienced them. Instead of writing about an ideal life, decide to stay closer to home. To yourself.

A poem about life can lead to wonderful writings, about equality. This can be inspiring for others. Be the inspiratory, the motivator.

No inspiration?

When you are faced with a moment where you want to write, but there is no inspiration to write, you might consider not writing at all. Is writing poetry just about writing? No! If you don’t have anything to say, don’t waste your time. Write when you feel comfortable, not because you must do this. Writing poetry is never a must.

Your inspiration

I have probably forgotten many subjects that you can write about. Be the good poet and tell us, what your inspiration to write is. We love to read more about this!

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