Inspired by Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski

She told us, that she is inspired by the poets Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski. It’s time to meet Sanjana Varma, writer of the book Songs of Spring.

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About Sanjana

She lives in the south Indian state Kerala and she writes beautiful poetry. She publishes her work on her own website, Assortment box, and on the social medium Instagram.

In August 2017 her book Songs of Spring was published. This book is available via Kerala Bookstore. In this book, she shares her vision on life and more.

She is inspired by no other than Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski.


The moon is part of the night. At least on nights when the moon is visible. The moon can be a great inspiration to write about. Some seem to want to take it a step further. In her poem, Sanjana describes the wish of a woman to fly towards the moon and kiss his face.

In this poem, the silence of the night is disturbed by something as common as footsteps. This is the moment when this woman is on her way. Determined to do what seems to be impossible: to fly to the moon. This is not just any woman, according to Sanjana. This is a daughter of the night. A wild child or a wild one.

The poem can also be read in a different way. Although it is impossible to physically kiss the moon (unless you are an astronaut perhaps), it is possible to travel there using your imagination. Or, death can be that moment when the spirit is able to travel anywhere, not hindered by a body. Then kissing the moon (pecking as Sanjana described) seems to be an option.

Inspired by Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski

As the naked feet met the
ground, sparks flew. The grains of sand
scattered in four directions escaping
from the fury that is disturbed it’s
peace. There, that spirit flew, eager to
meet the orb adorned by the zenith and
peck his pock marked, radiant face!

Sanjana Varma

Inspired by Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski
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Inspired by Maya Angelou and Charles Bukowski
A woman wants to kiss the moon
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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