Is Anybody Listening?

Is Anybody Listening

Beautiful words from the Philipines written by RL KenDen. Her motivation to start writing was based on her experiences on social media. She shared her poem Is Anybody Listening?

About the poet

RL KenDen is the pen name of Rhea Lopez Torreblanca. She lives in the Philippines and started writing for a special reason.

I feel so much for the people around me and writing became the extension of my being. Before, I would just scribble some thoughts and leave it forgotten or throw the paper where I’ve written my poems in the rubbish. Then one night as I was browsing my Facebook notifications, I saw this account full of poems and prose, the fire grew for me to write and do the same. Share and somehow touch other people’s soul with my poetry. It was just recently, February of this year that I made my Instagram and FB page accounts, dedicated for sharing my own writings and the writings of other poets.

She also gave a good quote about why she writes poetry:

Writing kept me company. I will never be lonely.


The work of RL KenDen can be found on Instagram or on Facebook and we hope to publish more work of this enthousiastic poetess. Keep up the good work!


Is Anybody Listening?

Is Anybody Listening?

By RL KenDen


My words must not be heard

I try to speak to you in silence

Can you hear me?

I am here

In the dark

In a bottomless pit

Of lies

Of make believe

Of deceit

Of denial

Of jealousy

Of hurt

Can you hear me?

It’s cold here

Nothing grows in this place

How did I get here?

She hid me from the present

She thought she’s saving me

But I’m dying out here


You don’t know me?

Come find me

Can you hear me?

Is anybody listening?


I am her heart

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