Is this love?

Ankit Naik wrote the poem Is this love?  The poem tells about domestic violence, all over the world.


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Domestic violence is the abuse of one person against someone in a domestic setting. Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to one country or culture. We can read about the sad examples almost every day. It isn’t limited to women. Men can become victims too. Ankit took his pen and started to write about this issue.


Ankit points out, that many people – mostly women – have to go through very tough times. Apart from the pain they suffer, it is also something that has a great impact on children. He asks himself what example this will set and what the future will bring.


There are many examples of women and men who decided not to end their relationship because of their belief things will get better or the fact that they don’t want their children to grow up in a broken home.


In this poem, we can read about a woman who is injured due to the abuse. She masks her bruises and still walks on, head high. This is the moment when she gave up on hope or she might have done so a long time ago. It will not get better. Not this way. She can rise if it wasn’t for him – the abuser. His ego is holding her back in a terrible way.


The poem is straightforward. It isn’t hard to understand what the poem is about. It is a protest against domestic violence.

Is this love?


Is this love?


She walks the sidewalk,
Head high, pursed lips!
Shades concealing her eyes,
Eyes laced with lacerations..
A solemn resolve supporting
her legs as she walks,
Legs supporting hips..
Hips that bear bruises
the marks of leather,
you so wilfully gifted her..
The tears have dried or
rather given up hope,
Questioning how the love
of her life transcended
down this slope..
She still loves him,
blinded in the faith of
his return.. Averse to the fact of
him fuelling her burn,
She fights with the self
every dusk and dawn,
Shocked with the hatred
their union could spawn..
For all she can recall is
how he swept her off the feet..
But all he does now is
treat her like a piece of meat..
when he couldn’t sleep
at night,
his only solace’d be
her lap,
but now he
feeds his ego,
silencing her with a slap..

Ankit Naik (The Drunk Pen Official)

Is this love?
Article Name
Is this love?
A protest against domestic violence.
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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