It all comes back to you

It all comes back to you
It all comes back to you is a poem about what you get, when you give negativity.

The moment when you realize that negativity will be met with more negativity, that is the moment you realize it all comes back to you. This poem is written by Harm Jagerman and is entitled It all comes back to you.

About the poem

This poem is a warning for those who are thinking about those moments they are faced with words of hate from others. In many cases, there are moments like these caused by your own actions. If you give something bad, something bad will come in return.

This poem is a protest for those who ignore this. They fail to realize that their own actions are the problem.

It all comes back to you

It all comes back to you

That moment, when you laughed at me
When you decided it would be a good thing,
to spread your hate for me to see
Were you surprised that it would bring,
hate in return?
Did you feel the heartburn?
Is that what you saw a surprise – it all came back to you?
What’s the matter, feeling blue?
Consider your actions
before crying about the reactions
Don’t you know, it all comes back to you
So, the next time you do
want to use negativity,
don’t count on positivity.

Harm Jagerman

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