It always feels the same

It always feels the same
"It always feels the same" is a poem written by the American poetess Francesca Alexandra.

Falling and get back up or catching yourself. That is what the poem It is always the same is about. Francesca Alexandra feels that there is always something to consider beautiful in this world.

Francesca Alexandra
Francesca – photo: Instagram.

About Francesca

Francesca lives in New Jersey and New York City. She writes in the hope to inspire others with her words. Connecting with others, she finds that very important.

Connect with others when it comes to feelings, this is what Francesca has to say about these connections:

I hope to inspire people to connect with their feelings and understand there is beauty and meaning behind every feeling even the bad ones.

When reading her poems, one notices that this poetess does everything to show another side. Even when it concerns things that can make you sad, remember that there is always another chapter to consider. The inspiration and motivation of her speaks through her poems.

Francesca publishes her work on Instagram under the pen name Springinjeans.

About the poem

My poem It always feels the same¬†was written during deep feelings of heartbreak. The moments that correlate with every feeling I could muster. It always feels the same but sometimes when falling, you catch yourself.¬†Sometimes you fall into something better and sometimes you just fall but you always get back up. 💜

The reason for her to write this poem, it’s such a sparkling motivation! We hope you will find the inspiration, to overcome the most difficult periods in your life.

It always feels the same

It always feels the same

It feels like





seeping deep into my skin
seeping deep into my mouth
seeping deep into my heart

crawling towards the truth
crawling towards the purpose
crawling towards the answers

gasping for air
gasping for smoke
crawling for the right words

falling away from me
falling away from you

Francesca Alexandra

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