It’s kind of complicated…

It has been a while, since the Dutch poetess Wordsponge send us a video poem. To explain what this poem means for her, is kind of complicated.

Since a few months, we have started with video poems. We are still open for new submissions. You can submit your poems using this link. Your video will be featured on our YouTube channel, on Instagram and on Facebook.

She gave the poem the title Love is eternal. She explains what love means to her, in a way that she hopes so that anyone can relate to.


Eternal love

Eternal love isn’t just the same as any love. This is love on a higher level. Some would prefer to use the words deeper level. This is what Wordsponge tells us. A love that is greater than anyone can imagine. To experience a love like this, can be inspiring to write about or to record a poem just like Wordsponge did.

The words she carefully selected, have a great impact. Slowly spoken and images that don’t distract too much. We look forward sharing more of the work of this poetess in the future!

More information about this poetess: Instagram and Tumblr. Did you know, that Tumblr is actually a kind of blog, similar to WordPress? Tumblr enables you to create a blog. This way, you can write more than you normally do on Instagram. Check it out at

Your video

Can you do the same as Wordsponge did? Then submit your work. Even though we publish the video you send us on our social media channels, you hold the copyrights to the poems you wrote at all times. We are just the platform, that enables you to profile yourself. We will take care of the promotion for your work! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and contact us!


View this video on our YouTube channel.

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