It's something you need to do

It's something you need to do

Conquer your fears! Be the king, queen or even the superhero. Motivational words, just to light up your day. How about you, are you good at writing motivational poems?

It’s something you need to do

It's something you need to do

By Harm

That monster under your bed
That shade from something around the corner
That activator
or even the accelerator
of thoughts inside your head
Put them aside and sigh
You ask me why
Fear can be paralising
clutter your thinking

Basing your decisions on this all,
will only make you stall

Fear is to be feared,
but haven’t you heard?
It can be conquered,
without leaving you bewildered

Just take small steps,
What if there are missteps?
Oh sure, you may fall
Continuing your footsteps,
that will do it all

Be a king, be a queen, be a superhero
and shout bravo
for every step you taken,
I’m not mistaken
will bring you closer and closer
to where you need to be

Let that be your accelerator,
your motivator,
your activator,
your inspirator

Let that be you,
it’s something you need to do.

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