It’s time to say goodbye!

It's time to say goodbye

If you aren’t sitting down, please do so.

Yes, you’ve read it right: this is our goodbye. It’s not a joke. This is serious business. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs will stop all of its activities!

In two years we saw a small project turn into something beautiful. As the owner of this project, I had a good time thinking about the future. Poetry is art, but what about all those other wonderful forms of art? A painting cannot be compared to a poem. A sculpture can’t be considered the same as poetry. Still, these art forms are beautiful as well.

During the Spring and Summer of this year, I saw new opportunities. I am working very hard on a project that has nothing to do with poetry. It has to do with another art form: photography. So, what should be the future of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs? Unfortunately, we had some new volunteers over the years, who came and went. There was always this “urge” to do something more. To step over boundaries.

That’s why The Ministry of Poetic Affairs will stop its activities. There is no reason to cry. Why should there be? There is a successor: Let’s Agree It’s Art. This is more than poetry! Yes, poetry will be included. Other forms of art will be included as well. This website “leans” more on visuals. Background information can be found here too.

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