I’ve a pain in my head

I've a pain in my head

Okay, finally. She is ‘here.’ By that I mean the great Jane Austen! I’ve a pain in my head is one of the many poems Austen wrote. Does she really need an introduction?

About the poet

Jane Austen (1775-1817) was born in Steventon, Hampshire. She is known for her six novels she wrote during her life. She also wrote poems. They don’t get much attention. It’s time to change that!

Austen received her education together with her sister Cassandra in Oxford. There is was educated by Mrs. Ann Cawley. Later on Cawley moved to Southampton, taking the two girls with her. There Austen caught typhus and she almost died.

As the money ran out for the education of the two girls, they were send home in 1786. From that moment she kept within the bounds of her family.

At a very young age, 11, Austen began writing poems. Just to amuse her family. Daily life was exceggerated by this young girl. She later bundled these poems in a novel called Juvenilla.

She is considered as one of the great British writers ever. Many directors found her work inspiring enough to make movies and series about her books.


I’ve a Pain in my Head

I've a pain in my head

By Jane Austen

‘I’ve a pain in my head’

Said the suffering Beckford;

To her Doctor so dread.

‘Oh! what shall I take for’t?’


Said this Doctor so dread

Whose name it was Newnham.

‘For this pain in your head

Ah! What can you do Ma’am?’


Said Miss Beckford, ‘Suppose

If you think there’s no risk,

I take a good Dose

Of calomel brisk.’–


‘What a praise worthy Notion.’

Replied Mr. Newnham.

‘You shall have such a potion

And so will I too Ma’am.’

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