J.C. Squire’s dilemma

Who will win the victory? When it concerns those, who believe they have God on their side, they will have to reconsider their thoughts according to the words of J.C. Squire. He wrote the magnificent poem The Dilemma.

No other than Sir Collings Squire (J.C. Squire – April 2, 1884 – December 20, 1958) was able to show the world, that there is more than claiming victory on religious beliefs. He wrote the poem at the time the nations in Europe where clashing.

If more than one is claiming the victory, because they believe that God is on their side – this God has indeed his (or her) work cut out! Something to consider.

The dilemma

The dilemma

God heard the embattled nations sing and shout
“Gott strafe England!” and “God save the King!”
God this, God that, and God the other thing –
“Good God!” said God, “I’ve got my work cut out.”

— J.C. Squire

Who was J.C. Squire?

Simple, Squire was one of the literary editors, who made a difference in the literary world of the post-World War I world. He was born on April 2, 1884 in Plymouth (GB). He would become more than an editor. He would grow out to be a poet and historian as well.

Squire made some political mistakes. Starting out as a socialist, he became a fascist during the rise of Benito Mussolini. He even started a fascist movement, even though he claimed his January Club wasn’t. This club was closely related to the British Union of Fascists.

We see this a lot. Important historical figures making poor choices as it comes to political beliefs. Squire is one of them, just like Ezra Pound. All together, another dilemma…


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