The poem Jealousy is basically a call out to everyone that this emotion only leads to bad things. It is written by the Slovenian poetess Veronika Sivka.


Veronika basically tells us that jealousy causes relationships to end. It will leave you alone and there is no other option than to love yourself. She presents the solution in her last stanza: realize what you are and love and respect yourself. Then you will be able to do the same thing when it comes to others.

This strong emotion isn’t limited to certain people. It can happen to anyone at any given time. She used the word “attack” in her explanation what this poem is about. It can attack you; when you aren’t ready.

“I think people often don’t give a lot of attention to their jealousy, even though they should. This is a disorder that comes from within. We should work on ourselves to overcome it.”

Wise words, just like the poem she wrote. Follow Veronika on Instagram for more updates.


My name is jealousy,
I am a disease, your inner hurricane,
No matter, if you are a Buddhist, or a prelacy,
I’ll attach and make you feel insane.

I start living in your mind first,
Then I take your body, part by part,
And if you don’t kill me, it gets worse,
Lastly I attack your heart.

I drink from a fountain of self-hate,
Your insecurity is my food,
My hobby is robbing you off from faith,
I live for putting you in a bad mood.

I will make sure you always doubt,
And I’ll destroy all of your relationships,
I will be like poison in your mouth,
You’ll always taste me on your lips.

Your only cure for me is you,
You have to get that in your head,
Learn to love your imperfections,
Only then you’ll make me dead.

Text: Veronika Sivka
Art: Broken_isnt_bad

Article Name
A poem about what jealousy is and how it can be conquered.
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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