She wrote a poem that at first did not have a title. She named it “July” and it’s about a reunitement with an distant lover in Summer. Read the poem July by Chana Brissett.

About the poet

My name is Chana Brissett from Washington, DC area. I’m a mother of an amazing girl, single proud Black woman and an event planner by trade. My passion since four has been writing- haikus, short stories, and poetry. An amateur trying to find her professional voice one day where this is all I will do. I write because it saves me, excites me and gives me true purpose.

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About the poem

It’s about reuniting with a distant lover in the summer.


By Chana Brissett


He said…
I love you best in July, when you mesmerize with
your magnetic melanin skin, glistening bronze
paint stuck on me. Two toned caramel wrapping,
your legs fight with shoulder blades, begging for
undivided attention. Fatigued by my obsession,
I rest my chin at your neck’s base and feverishly
breathe you in. Intoxicating essence makes me
neglect my space as you heave me drunk, leveling
eye to eye. I massage your swollen lips with shea
butter fingertips, and in my mind, softly kiss the
turned down edges of your bitter sweet pout.
Your webbed black eyelashes tickle mine as you
lean in…dropping your braids all around me,
thick long tree branches, blocking our faces. But I
find my way, seperating the screen, holding your
beautiful face in my shaking hands, asking you to
love this.
Dear July, come find me.

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