She defines herself as an amateur writer, with no formal training. It shows that you don’t have to be a professional for your work to be featured by us ánd to write good poetry. Meet Rosy Aiofemy and read her poem Jupiter.

About the poet

I have loved reading and writing since learning about Edgar Allan Poe in middle school.

On Instagram Rosy uses the pen name Latina Poetess.


By Latina Poetess

I can see Jupiter from my window
But I cannot reach the sky
I’m enamored of the moon’s glow
If I could unlock its secrets
I would give away my very soul
Like footprints erased by salty waves
Like the leaves surrendered to the wind
My heart is released every evening
As I stare out into a world of stardust
A world whick eludes me
I can see Jupiter from my window
But I cannot reach the sky.

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