Just a spec

Just a spec

Poetry at its finest. This is the work of Aishwarya Rudrappa. She wrote the poem Just a spec, that we are more than happy to share with you.


Aishwarya on InstagramAbout Aishwarya

This is Aishwarya Rudrappa, an Engineering student, blogger and a writer. I write to obliterate stale feelings and I’ve inked all my dreams just so I don’t miss out on any. Words have held me closer all this while when nothing else seemed to exist.

About Just a spec

Love seems like a beautiful concoction of everything celestial but maybe it’s something that can be sensed and never felt. We often fall in love, i believe we sensed it prior.

While I seems to be pretty speechless about the term ‘holding on’ when it’s something that I sensed but never felt…like vacuum.


Just a spec

By Aishwarya Rudrappa

Just a spec

Hold onto him tighter?

but I’m just a spec thinking

about embracing vacuum here

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